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12 April 2017
ExportManager, Arne Mielken

Der Handel mit Russland ist trotz Sanktionen mit gewissen Einschränkungen möglich. Doch die Anforderungen an Firmen für

eine rechtskonforme Verzollung im Warenverkehr mit Russland sind hoch. Denn es gibt vielfältige tarifäre und nichttarifäre

Handelshemmnisse. In Anbetracht hoher Strafen bei Gesetzesverstößen in Deutschland und Russland ist es ratsam, einen sorg-

fältigen IT-gestützten Export- und Importprozess zusammen mit dem russischen Handelspartner aufzusetzen.

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21 März 2017
GS1 network online, Thomas Kofler

Supply Chain 4.0 hat sehr viel mit Digitalisierung zu tun. Wir bewegen uns von einer linearen Supply Chain weg, hin zu einer Vernetzung von Supply-Chain-Eco-Systemen.

8 März 2017
ExportManager, Arne Mielken

Industrie- und Handelsunternehmen können im Warenverkehr mit Freihandelszonen bei der Verzollung Geld sparen. Es gibt jedoch

zahlreiche Stolperfallen: tarifäre und nichttarifäre Handelshemmnisse, eine schwerfällige Bürokratie, mangelnde Rechtssicherheit,

geographische, kulturelle und regionale gesetzliche Unterschiede sowie die regional unterschiedlichen Interpretationen und Ausführungen

von Zollvorschriften und Vorgaben.

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1 Februar 2017
Compliance Manager, Martijn van Gils

Die deutsche Industrie und der Handel sind im europäischen Vergleich recht gut aufgestellt, was die Anstrengungen in Sachen Trade-Compliance-Prozesse angeht. Grund, sich auf dem Erreichten auszuruhen, gibt es jedoch nicht. Es bleiben noch Handlungsfelder offen, wie eine aktuelle Studie nahelegt.

14 Dezember 2016

Um ihren Warenexport sicher, risikoarm und effizient abwickeln zu können, müssen Exporteure in Software und Programme investieren – dies ist ein Ergebnis der aktuellen Umfrage, die Amber Road in sechs europäischen Ländern bei insgesamt 450 KMU und multinationalen Unternehmen aus unterschiedlichen Branchen durchführte.

10 Juni 2016
WSJ Risk & Compliance Journal

A survey of 322 executives at U.S.-based global companies by trade management firm Amber Road found 56% of the executives said their organizations aren’t investing in trade compliance training, even though 28% were fined or warned about their noncompliance. Of the 73% of respondents who said their companies have a trade compliance plan, 46% don’t require employee training on it and 28% require 11 hours or less of training.

1 Juni 2016
ICC Germany-Magazin

Durch Prozessautomatisierung können international tätige Handels- und Industrieunternehmen ihre Außenhandelsrisiken senken und gleichzeitig Rechtskonformität sicherstellen.

24 Mai 2016
Sourcing Journal

Sourcing professionals must be keyed into the constantly changing global regulatory requirements in order to ensure products are compliant in every region where they are sold. Gary Barraco, Director of Product Marketing at Ambr Road, explores how automation tools and solutions can help business’ successfully meet compliance requirements and avoid the associated sourcing risks.

6 Mai 2016
Internet Retailer

There’s an enormous opportunity brewing in the world’s second-largest and second most populous continent that outweighs the risks of a region pocked by violence and instability. Gary Baracco, Director of Product Marketing at Amber Road, discusses the factors that will contribute to the huge consumer opportunities in Africa.

28 April 2016
American Shipper

Shippers now understand the value of automating shipment automation. Nathan Pieri, Chief Product Officer at Amber Road, explains how one visibility system can cut across many forwarders, suppliers and customers.

28 April 2016
American Shipper

Levi’s is using Amber Road’s supply chain visibility to build the brand, gain visibility into inventory, streamline trade compliance, and go direct to the consumer.

23 April 2016

Ab dem 01.05.2016 wird der Zollkodex der Europäischen Union (EU), mit den dazugehörigen Durchführungsvorschriften und Übergangsregeln den derzeit gültigen Zollkodex ersetzen.

22 April 2016

Die deutschen Exporte nach Russland sind seit 2014 stark rückläufig. Auch für die EU verliert der russische Markt an Bedeutung.

21 April 2016
Inbound Logistics

Lured by the promise of bigger sales, better access to consumers, and even their ultimate survival, wholesale brands are increasingly looking to circumvent traditional retailers and reach their customers directly—with "direct-to-consumer selling" or DTC. Gary Barraco, Director of Product Marketing at Amber Road, details the steps that DTC retailers will need to take control of their supply chains and seize the opportunity to connect with customers.

16 April 2016
Supply Chain Digest

Customs organizations around the world are modernizing systems to eliminate manual processes, improving visibility to trade flows, and helping companies comply with applicable laws and regulations.  The WCO (World Customs Organization) labels this type of system as a “Single Window” where Customs effectively centralizes the collection of data and distributes it to all required agencies to realize a coordinated and more efficient border control. Nathan Pieri, Chief Product Officer discusses the eight best practices that need to be considered in order to effectively meet the new PGA requirements and minimize supply chain disruptions.

29 März 2016
Inbound Logistics

As the annual freight rate contract negotiation process is underway, it is key that shippers fully evaluate options across carriers utilizing knowledge of historical changes and past performance in their trade lanes. Andrew Wigdahl, senior product manager at Amber Road, lays out three imperatives for managing carrier freight rates.

25 März 2016
Sourcing Journal

Global supply chains are growing in complexity, yet remain vulnerable to myriad dangers damaging to both people and businesses. Gary Barraco explains how the supply chain must be protected against those disruptions: by establishing processes like counter-terrorism evaluations, identifying the most critical elements of the supply-chain system, and bolstering resilience so the supply chain can recover quickly from any disruptions.

24 März 2016
Supply Chain Digest

In a perfect world, your SCM or other application would fit the needs of your business perfectly in a so called “out-of-the-box” fashion. But, because the goal of these applications is to help diverse companies manage their businesses across the world, the volume and complexity of the requirements is high. It really is not possible to design an enterprise application that solves all possible needs for all companies in a given market.

15 März 2016
Vox Logistics

The technology Giant Siemens has adopted Amber Road’s China Trade Management solution, which centralizes and automates Customs procedures and the China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) for all import and export activities in China.

15 März 2016
Supply Chain Magazine (French language)

The technology giant Siemens AG has selected specialist Amber Road’s global trade management solutions to optimize its trade in China.

15 März 2016
Supply Chain Movement

International trade can entail significantly more risk than straightforward domestic business-to-business transactions. In collaboration with Amber Road, Supply Chain Movement has put together this Global EU Trade Map which provides an overview of current EU trade agreements and an insight into potential trade risks and how to mitigate them.

8 März 2016
Inbound Logistics

Shippers grab hold of GTM solutions to streamline imports/exports, ensure trade law compliance, and keep shipments moving across borders everywhere on the planet. Gary Barraco details how collaboration with suppliers is key, too.

2 März 2016

An enterprise-wide global trade strategy increases supply chain cost and service performance for all trading partners and enables importers and exporters to comply with mandatory trade and security regulations. Companies that prioritize best-in-class global supply chain trade practices, maintain effective global transport / trade organizations, and employ enabling technologies are the best positioned to capture the economic and brand benefits available in growing and changing global markets.

1 März 2016
HighBeam Research

Part of doing business successfully is making sure you know exactly who your business partners are. Most world governments publish lists of parties that their citizens or residents are prohibited or restricted from doing business with. The United States alone publishes about 50 different lists containing such information, and keeping track of those lists is vital to global trade, according to Ty Bordner, vice president solutions consulting for Amber Road.

25 Februar 2016

A new logistics company wants to speed deliveries by easing shipping bottlenecks around the world by combining supply chain visibility with big data.

25 Februar 2016
Supply Chain Digest

On May 1, 2016 the 2013 European Union (EU) Union Customs Code (UCC) Act will be in effect for importers and exporters trading in the EU. Suzanne Richer, Director of Amber Road’s Trade Advisory Practice discusses how important it is for companies to understand the new technology requirements and clearance processes.

1 Februar 2016
Logistics Management

Logistics Management examines the key drivers of GTM software growth, and why more shippers will need to put solutions like Amber Road’s Trade Automation to work in the near future.

28 Januar 2016
Supply Chain Digest

Global supply chains are growing in complexity, yet remain vulnerable to a myriad of threats and hazards that damage businesses and threaten the global economy. Gary Baracco, Director of Global Product Marketing at Amber Road discuss how there needs to be a marked increase in proactive practices, starting with clear continuity plans in case of disruptions.

22 Januar 2016
Supply Chain Digest

This article describes our Global Sourcing & Trade Management 2016 Benchmark Report with Supply Chain Digest and major opportunity that many companies have in better integrating their global sourcing and logistics processes.

18 Januar 2016
TPP: Illuminated for Swiss Companies

For food manufacturers and food trading companies with activities in the Asia-Pacific American region, it is worthwhile to study the treaty text of the TPP.

This feature appeared in a dual language Swiss publication. Click here for the German version and here for the French version.

13 Januar 2016
United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA)

The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) announced that Amber Road will extend its innovation partnership through the next two years. Amber Road has been a member of the association since 2013. This year, Amber Road will continue to provide subject matter expertise to the member community on utilizing innovative sourcing technologies to ensure compliance across the global supply chain, how to ensure supply chain security and manage risk, among other supply chain challenges.

30 Dezember 2015
Technology Evaluation Center (TEC)

As we transition into 2016, what capabilities are companies looking for in a global trade management solution? The Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) recently looked into the benefits that companies have been looking for - and what they found in Amber Road's solutions.

28 Dezember 2015
DC Velocity

Change is a constant in international trade. Make sure your global trade management software includes these four capabilities, and you'll be ready to meet to the latest requirements. Anthony Hardenburgh, vice president of global trade content, explains that a GTM solution must take on a product management role, merging the competing demands of imports, exports, tariffs, and laws.

21 Dezember 2015
American Shipper

Companies are taking a more holistic look at their overall supply chain and one key area is duty management. Anthony Hardenburgh describes the reasons behind the growth in FTZs in the US and globally.

17 Dezember 2015
Supply Chain Digest

When introducing new products, why hasn't total landed cost played a more prominent role in the vetting process? Gary Baracco, director of global product marketing at Amber Road, and Dan Gilmore, president of Trade Facilitators, Inc., discuss the factors that make landed cost calculations so difficult, and how technology can make them more manageable.

14 Dezember 2015

In a global economy, where 47% of the revenues of the S&P 500 are derived from foreign sales, getting ahead of trouble provides a decided competitive edge. Increasingly, SCM practitioners gain that edge courtesy of the data collected by companies such as Amber Road. Nathan Pieri, Chief Product Officer at Amber Road, explains why moving goods seamlessly - using supply chain analytics and big data - is a global imperative for 2016.

3 Dezember 2015
California Apparel News

As familiarity with PLM’s capabilities has grown, so has the complexity of the supply chain as companies source materials and production around the world. Gary Barraco, director of product marketing at Amber Road, has seen strong interest in product testing and social compliance—but product testing is becoming more important now with the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) becoming the Single Window in December.

2 Dezember 2015
Sourcing Journal Online

Supply chains, and the tools for managing them, have evolved over at least the last 100 years. Following the great industrial age, the initial focus was to improve the relatively simple, but very labor-intensive processes. Today, supply chain engineering through technology and processes allows manufacturers to manage extraordinarily complex international networks.

11 November 2015
Sourcing Journal Online

Apparel and textile companies could greatly benefit from reduced costs, improved global market competitiveness, fewer bureaucratic regulations and speedier inventory turnaround if foreign-trade zones (FTZs) were a part of their sourcing strategies, but many of the zones remain underutilized. Matt Robeson, FTZ Product Manager at Amber Road, further discusses the benefits of FTZ programs and ways U.S. companies can utilize FTZs to boost their bottom line.

1 November 2015

Trade-Compliance ist in den meisten international tätigen Großunternehmen heute als Topmanagementaufgabe voll anerkannt. Eine heiße Frage bleibt jedoch, wie das Thema inhaltlich und organisatorisch am besten umgesetzt werden kann.

30 September 2015
International Trade Magazine

ABB, a leader in power and automation technologies, has chosen to utilize Amber Road's Trade Planner and Trade Wizards solution. This has enabled ABB planners to explore different supply chain scenarios that take into account total landed costs, export and import regulations, preferential trade agreements, and more. ABB is also able to back-up its restricted party screening efforts and to ensure documentation and legal requirements are met - reducing its commercial and legal risks.

29 September 2015
American Shipper

The global aviation company has more than 20,000 partners and decided it needed to upgrade its restricted party screening process to reflect a much more complex regulatory environment.

22 September 2015
Le Temps Switzerland

How should global companies handle exports in a world that becomes more globalized and complex on a daily basis? This is a question that Amber Road would like to answer.

21 September 2015
Supply & Demand Chain Executive

It’s 10 years after Hurricane Katrina, yet its calamitous legacy lives on. What lessons can companies take from major supply chain disruptions—manmade and natural alike—and apply to help mitigate current and future disasters?

21 September 2015
Food Logistics Magazine

As globalization drives the expansion of U.S. agriculture imports and exports, the interest in global trade management (GTM) software is likewise growing. Simply put, GTM software helps companies improve sourcing and procurement, vet foreign suppliers, manage global transportation and streamline the import/export process. Anthony Hardenburgh, vice president, global trade content at Amber Road, notes that food imports and exports are subject to a very complex regulatory environment.

10 September 2015
Supply Chain Digest

The focus today of most companies for importing is cost reduction. However, strategically addressing imports can enable a company to proactively improve import operations, reduce bottlenecks, grow profits and further add to the bottom line. Anthony Hardenburgh, Vice President of Global Content at Amber Road, touches on seven key pieces necessary to create a strategic importing approach.

8 September 2015
Strategie Logistique

The coffee producer has signed a global contract with Amber Road for the implementation of a restricted party screening solution.

1 September 2015
Logistics Management

Are you on the same page, in real-time, with your trading partners? That’s the promise of today’s supply chain collaboration software. Gary Barraco, senior director of supply chain solutions with Amber Road in East Rutherford, N.J., says good supply chain collaboration is about building communication links and connections among the trading network’s various parties.

1 September 2015

Wie wird sich der UZK ab 1. Mai 2016 auf Unternehmen auswirken? Eine Analyse zum Titel IX des UZK.

27 August 2015
Supply Chain Digest

Many companies are unaware of how much money they could save by investing in their global trade operations and taking advantage of free trade zones, duty deferral, free trade agreements, and other preferential trade programs. Anthony Hardenburgh, Vice President of Global Content at Amber Road, describes how utilizing these programs can significantly reduce costs from customs duties, taxes and tariffs; improve global market competitiveness; and minimize bureaucratic regulations.

21 August 2015
Sourcing Journal Online

Long, complex global supply chains – stretching across geographies and involving many players – represent a unique and difficult risk management challenge. A strong cargo security program requires a holistic approach covering such areas as commercial risks, natural disasters and political upheavals.

11 August 2015

Am 5. Oktober 2015 konnten die US-Unterhändler nach Jahren des Ringens endlich einen Durchbruch bei den Verhandlungen über die Transpazifische Partnerschaft (engl. Trans-Pacific Partnership, kurz TPP) mit 11 Pazifik-Anrainerstaaten melden. Die USA schließen damit das weltweit größte Handelsabkommen ab.

30 Juli 2015
Supply Chain Digest

There is a definite need for creating greater supply chain visibility, as global supply and demand networks introduce distance, cultural and time-zone challenges. Check out this article to learn what Stephanie Miles, Senior Vice President of Commercial Services at Amber Road, believes make supply chain visibly tools a good investment.

1 Juli 2015
Apparel Magazine

Apparel companies must be proactive in managing the complexities of testing and compliance or risk losing far more time and money on the back end in reacting to problems. Gary Barraco, Senior Director of Supply Chain Solutions provides insight into the complexities of testing and compliance for the apparel industry.

1 Juli 2015
Logistics Management

A growing reliance on automated systems makes global supply chains more vulnerable to potential criminal and terrorist cyber-attacks than ever before. Suzanne Richer, director of the trade advisory practice at Amber Road, says that air and ocean cargo shippers can also play a proactive role in the war against cybercrime and terrorism.

25 Juni 2015
Supply Chain Digest

There is no cookie-cutter GTM solution and companies must take the time to perform a careful planning and analysis of their needs and vendor solutions to see the best results. Check out this article to learn what Ty Bordner, Vice President of Solutions Consulting at Amber Road, believes are the keys to selecting a GTM vendor.

24 Juni 2015

A top-tier athletic footwear brand needed to gain quicker access to supplier information and share purchase order information with several hundred vendors and factories. Learn how the company saw tremendous cost savings, efficiency improvements, and an increase in fill rates after implementing Amber Road's Global Sourcing solution.

16 Juni 2015
Supply Chain Management Review

Air and ocean cargo shippers can also play a proactive role in the war against cybercrime and terrorism, says Suzanne Richer, Director, Trade Advisory Practice, Amber Road. At the same time, she says, logistics managers can protect themselves and their supply chains.

12 Juni 2015

In this video interview, Jim Preuninger, Chief Executive Officer of Amber Road, outlines the challenges that companies face when they seek to integrate product design with sourcing. Their success or failure promise to have a significant impact on the supply chain, he says.

12 Juni 2015
United States Fashion Industry Association

The United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA) selects Amber Road (NYSE: AMBR) as its Innovation Partner for 2015, the first partner of this kind. Amber Road has been a member of the association since 2013 and will serve as a key subject matter expert on utilizing innovative sourcing technologies to ensure compliance across the global supply chain.

11 Juni 2015
Global Trade Magazine

Supply-chain security can be segmented into two buckets: government compliance and internal risk assessment. Software can help with both. Ty Bordner, Vice President of Solutions Consulting at Amber Road, explains how software can assist with screening partners and suppliers in compliance with programs like C-TPAT.

8 Juni 2015
Supply Chain Management Review

Many would be surprised to learn the extent to which slavery is still present in global supply chains. In this video interview, Gary Barraco, Senior Director of Supply Chain Solutions with Amber Road, discusses the problem, and offers guidance on how companies can eliminate all forms of forced labor from their global operations.

1 Juni 2015
Apparel Magazine

Did you know 90% of firms do not quantify risk when outsourcing production? There are 4 types of risks that brands must be aware of to successfully manage their supply chain; Security risk, environmental risk, legal risk, and social risk. Check out this infographic to get all the facts on managing risk in your supply chain.

1 Juni 2015
Logistics Management

Fueled by NAFTA, trade between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico is booming. But not knowing the nuances and fine print can be costly for U.S.-based business wishing to take advantage of burgeoning, neighboring markets. Suzanne Richer, director of Amber Road's trade advisory practice, describes how to best play the NAFTA transportation game.

28 Mai 2015
Supply Chain Digest

The foundation of an effective export compliance program begins early in the supply chain, long before the product is boxed and ready for pick up. Suzanne Richer, Director, Trade Advisory Service at Amber Road touches on the key attributes of an export compliance and audit process.

14 Mai 2015
Sourcing Journal

The longer the supply chain - with more levels of suppliers, disparate geographies and other middle men - the more complex and challenging compliance becomes. Gary Baracco, vice president of sales - supply chain solutions at Amber Road, describes how enabling a holistic, integrated approach to managing global supplier risks can protect brand integrity, improve customer service levels and reduce global supply chain costs.

13 Mai 2015
Global Trade Review

An increasing amount of organizations have developed e-learning platforms to fill knowledge gaps and support companies in developing in-house talent. Amber Road now provides training in the areas of customs and trade compliance with its acquisition and launch of the Global Trade Academy, which offers over 60 courses.

13 Mai 2015
Global Trade Magazine

Organizations need in-house professionals to understand trade regulations and implement global supply chain strategies. That's why Amber Road launched the Global Trade Academy to enhance supply-chain management and logistics professionals' skill sets.

23 April 2015
Supply Chain Digest

Companies must develop a strategic approach to trade management to manage the complex and unpredictable regulations trade regulations in China. Scott Byrnes, vice president of marketing at Amber Road, discusses survey results that provide sound advice regarding growth, risks and regulatory issues.

15 April 2015
Logistiques Magazine

Amber Road has completed the acquisition of ecVision, a Hong Kong-based company specializing in global sourcing software, for $24M. ecVision is used by enterprises as far-reaching as Li & Fung, one of the biggest international brand companies in the world, and by luxury and specialty brands such as Calvin Klein, Timberland, The north Face and Tommy Hilfiger.

1 April 2015
Inbound Logistics

Companies face three main sourcing supply chain risks: regulatory, brand erosion, and social compliance. Any one of these issues could lead to lost profits, product recalls, and customer erosion. At the same time, the longer the supply chain - with more levels of suppliers, disparate geographies, and other middle men, the more complex and challenging compliance becomes.

Gary Baracco, senior director of sales, supply chain solutions, at Amber Road, describes several ways these issues can affect a company's supply chain and how some best practices can mitigate them.

1 März 2015
Inbound Logistics

A few years ago, rising energy prices were the main concern of the oil and gas market. Today, the price of oil has dropped to its lowest levels in years. New markets, extraction breakthroughs, and shifting geopolitical relationships are also affecting financial returns. The resulting market volatility is forcing the energy sector to rein in costs by maximizing their supply chain efficiencies. Ty Border, vice president of solutions consulting at Amber Road, shares a few ways companies are optimizing their supply chains and creating more predictable financial returns.

1 März 2015
Logistics Management

To successfully oversee compliance for its imports and exports, Cameron International implemented Amber Road's Trade Automation solution, which handles the global firm's export restricted-party list screening and helps to classify imported goods and share data with its brokers. Says Cameron's director of logistics export and import strategy: "You can't manage what you can't measure."