C-TPAT Applications and Validations

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C-TPAT participants experience 4-6 times less compliance and/or security reviews of their freight at the border. This voluntary government to business program promotes trade and security, and provides importers with expedited clearance time.

Global cargo security practices have evolved to include a number of different programs. We prepare C-TPAT applications, and will guide your firm through the C-TPAT Validation Process in both the United States, and at your overseas vendor sites.

Having brought many firms into the coveted Tier 3 level of C-TPAT, we are well versed in security programs and how to prepare your corporation for participation in this unique government to business initiative.

We will also prepare your applications for participation in AEO, FAST, TSA and other global security programs, including:

  • C-TPAT Applications
  • AEO, Fast Applications
  • C-TPAT Validations
  • Cargo Security Manuals/Training

If you are interested in one of our trade advisory services, please email us at Consulting@AmberRoad.com.